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Testimonial #1

Dear Scrub with Love,

Thank you for my order! It arrived in A1 condition and it was super fast. I received it in time for Christmas, just as you promised. Everyone that received one of your soaps for Christmas were really impressed with how luxurious it is. When you said that it moisturizes, I was skeptical. But, it was absolutely wonderful. Instead of just using it at the sink, I now use it in the shower too!

 Thanks again!

Charlotte - Red Deer, AB

Testimonial #2


I am a nurse and I contantly have dry and cracking hands from washing and using hand santizer all the time. I bought some of your Goat's Milk soap and my problems are over. Also, Thank You for making me custom Goat's Milk bars that are tiny. I take one with me wherever I go!

Sandra - Camrose, AB

Testimonial #3

Thank you for making my favors for my wedding. They turned out beautiful! I had many comments on how unique they were and how useful the favors were. As you know, everyone can use a bar of soap! As I looked at them I knew that you had put your special touch into each bar. Thank You again for making my wedding day complete!

Janet - Red Deer

(Wedding took place in Windsor, ON)

Testimonial #4

We met in a moment at Dartique Hall 2009 when I was recently post op on crutches.
I purchased a number of bars. I am loving the citrus bar for my skin.
For me, there is no coincidence ... this was a God moment when we crossed paths.
I bought the Psoriasis bar for a friend who has severe pain & itching and it went to Winnipeg .  She has done sponge baths for years.  This lady is also on 600 mg per day Morphine due to MS plus lots of meds which are hard on the skin.
She is now soaking in the tub everynight with no tub ring!.
Every week I send care packages to my friend, so she has her daily cares taken care of and she can barter with the items I send for the essentials of life.  Canada Pension Plan Disability is horrible for what it does not cover. 
Your soap has added another joy in her life and all these "little" gifts make her life a little easier and then she in turn can be a blessing to another person.  It brings tears to my eyes when she calls to tell me how she has used these care packages.  She reads the Bible to seniors, shares the fun jewellery with a mentally disabled woman, I send Amway products so she can do beautiul laundry for those who cannot do their own and she can earn some money to pay for prescriptions that are not covered, barters meals with the new bras that don't fit her and she goes down for coffee in the satin lounge outfit that makes her feel like a wealthy lady.  With all of her health issues, she still feels blessed with these packages.
We never know how our giving of our talents, treasures and finances will have a ripple affect in people's lives.
May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you and your family.  I look forward to meeting you again.
Karen - Cochrane, AB