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Acne/Eczema Bar - This exquisit oatmeal bar gently exfoliates the affected area while the Goat's Milk & honey adds moisture back into your skin. This is an all natural product that is river friendly. No harsh chemicals are used in making this handmade soap bar. Great for your skin and good for our environment! There are no added fragrances to this bar.

Psoriasis Bar - This bar has medicinal ingredients added to aid psoriasis. It is made with our famous moisturizing soap leaving affected areas moisturized preventing cracking of the skin.

Goat's Milk Soap for Sensitive Skin - To our famous moisturizing soap base, Goat's milk is added for extra moisturizing. This soap is quite popular with health care professionals, and seniors, and especially those who wash their hands alot. Prevents chapping. No fragrance is added.

Vanilla Goat's Milk Soap - This bar is the same as the Sensitive Skin bar but with the wonderful aroma of vanilla added.

After Sun Bar - Mango Papaya - To our moisturizing soap base is added Vitamin E and Aloe. Great for use on sunburns or everyday use.

Citronella - Keep those mosquitos away with our all natural citornella soap without using harmful bug spray that does not only have harmful chemicals; it comes in that nastly can that will eventually fill up our landfills!

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