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Scrub With Love


I started to scrub with love many years ago, not even knowing it. Having very reactive skin myself, I started to make soap as an alternative to the chemical ridden store bought soap.

Scrub With Love is a privately owned and operated company, specializing in exquisite handmade soap bars. All our products are 100% handmade (no machines whatsoever) in small batches in our workshop near Water Valley, Alberta Canada. Our products contain no harsh or questionable chemicals ( i.e., SLS or TEA), bleaches, nor animal ingredients. All our products are 100% veggie based, are completely good for a vegan lifestyle and therefore totally CRUELTY-FREE.

Most commercial soaps used today are simple detergents. They are just as harsh as detergent you would use for laundry. These easy-to-produce and inexpensive detergents are designed to optimize the vested interests of shareholders and make skin care and/or subsequent damage to the Earth a secondary (if that) priority. Harsh commercial soaps dry out skin, leaving it rough and itchy. We then try to heal this consequent damage by using commercial moisturizers. Most moisturizers, being loaded with alcohol, evaporate soon after being applied to the skin, leaving you even drier... see the vicious cycle?

We're different, for all the right and simple reasons. No chemicals. Plant (veggie) based ingredients; primarily Olive Oil.

Why are hand made soaps more expensive?

Those who've used our soaps know the difference... particularly if they have dry skin issues. Yes, our products are a bit pricier than what you find at megachain stores, but less expensive (by weight) than what you'd find at natural food stores. Our large-cut bars of soap, for example, sell at $5per a 110-130 gram handcut bar... thats $4 per 100 grams (roughly). They also will last approximately 3 months. Now thats savings! Not only money, but our environment  too!